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Glass Water Pipes and Dab Rigs 

Hand Pipes

Browse Our Collection of Glass Hand Pipes. From Very Simple to Awesome Hand Pipes.

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14mm and 28mm Glass Bongs.

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Dab Rigs

14mm Dab Rigs

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Glass For Smoking

A Good Glass Piece can make a world of difference on how your smoking sesh can go.

Why use a hand pipe when smoking?

Glass Hand Pipes are a solid choice when you want a fast and easy way to smoke. It is one of the easiest ways to smoke.

Why Use a Bong to Smoke?

Using a "Water Pipe" / "Bong" can easily be one of the best ways to get a smoother smoking experience. The water helps filter the smoke .

Why use a Dab Rig?

Oil Rigs or Dab Rigs are used to smoke concentrates (Wax).